Payment and shipping

Our Minimum order is $25.00. The handling fee on orders is $19.95. An extra shipping fee to be determined on the day of shipping applies to Tree Gallery trees.

We are currently not accepting orders from CA, OR, WA, ID, AZ, NV.

Orders will be filled during the growing season within 2 weeks of receipt, and 1 month during the winter months.

Shipping and packaging live plants is a difficult procedure that requires a mixture of delicacy and timing to ensure the survival and quality of your plants. Over the past decade we have developed a shipping system we are confident in. We find that the best time to ship plants is when nighttime temperatures are above 36°F and below 90°F. We have developed shipping methodologies that allow us to ship even in coldest weather. If, however, we feel that weather conditions would be detrimental to your materials we will notify you and hold your materials until conditions are more favorable. Orders are processed and filled within two weeks. UPS is our primary shipper.