Accent Plants

The plants in this category are used either as accents in a bonsai setting, as mame, or as kusamona (small Japanese dish gardens). They are also perfect for displays and other hobbyists. Many of these plants are natural dwarfs or miniatures, and may be grown independently as houseplants (if tropical or subtropical). Outdoor accents may also be used in troughs, rock gardens, or borders.

Accent plants make wonderful companions to Bonsai trees and are traditionally placed near a bonsai in a mame pot. When properly matched they accentuate the features of the tree. Many hobbyists also enjoy using our accent plants in miniature scenes to promote a sense of serene realism.

Please be aware that if planting an accent plant with a bonsai or other accents, plants are happiest when matched with plants that require the same style of care.

Our accent plants are available as starters in 2” pots at $3.00 each, and in 3” pots at $4.50 each.

Accent plants are listed alphabetically by hardiness, Indoor, Cold house, or Outdoor, according to their needs. They are also cataloged as an alphabetical list, and can be found using our search feature if you know specifically what you want.