Our Bonsai

Our online catalog currently contains two different groups of plant materials. All materials are viewable alphabetically according to plant hardiness (Indoor, Cold House or Outdoor material), alphabetically as a list or searchable through our internal search feature if you know what you’re looking for.

The first group in the catalog is a listing of our starter and miniature materials. It is divided into four different categories of plants: Indoor, Outdoor, Cool House and Accent. Plants are further organized within these categories by their lighting requirements.

The other grouping of plants is found under our Finished Bonsai section.

Starters and Miniatures
Starters and Miniatures are plant materials that we grow in nursery pots. The pictures in the catalog are of individual plants that are already bonsai or well on their way to becoming bonsai. They are used to illustrate growth habits and classic shapes.

Younger and smaller starters have only been pruned a few times and do not have the definition of more mature materials. Our older and larger starters have been pruned many times to promote frequent branching, thicker, heavier trunks and a tapering apex of branches.

Our starter plants offer you greater freedom in the future look and styling of your plants. They are ideal for hobbyists, bonsai beginners and more experienced bonsai practitioners. Starters are suitable both as bonsai and as great decorative materials. They have been propagated, cultivated and pruned to encourage classic bonsai attributes. The trees in the following picture demonstrate the differences in starter sizes and appropriate levels of pruning for each pot size.

Ficus burt-davyii is shown from left to right in 6”, 4”, 3” and 2” starter pots.

Starter Bonsai

Bonsai Materials
Our Bonsai are trained, pruned and have been potted in imported ceramic bonsai pots. Our indoor bonsai are tropical and subtropical varieties ideal for in-house conditions. Our outdoor or temperate bonsai are winter hardy with protection in Maryland.

A Quick Note on Plant Hardiness*
Outdoor plants need outdoor conditions. They might look great in the house, but bringing them indoors or imposing other artificial conditions is not good for the plant. We also have a number of materials that we call Cool House plants. These are plants that require some cooler temperatures but may not tolerate temperatures in the lower 40 degree Fahrenheit range. Cool House plants can go through a dormant season and can be forced into dormancy by leaving them outdoors until the first light frost, then they must be brought indoors until the growing seasons begins in spring.

All of our plants are shipped with a label that specifies the plant’s botanical information to the best of our knowledge. Each label includes our simple but effective care code, explained in the care page of our Web site and in the supplemental care guide which comes with each order. If you need multiple guides with your order — for group orders, gifts or friends, please make a note of that with your order.

* More information about plant hardiness is located in our care guide.