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Peperomia ‘Red Cascade’ 2.25" pots
Wire stems of red threads, carry round 3/4" leaves dark green, red reverse. Very attractive creeper for lower light exposures.

Peperomia rubicola 2.25" pots
Upright growing Perperomia with surfboard shaped patterned leaves. The foliage is dusky green, red reverse, on red stems. Another lower light level plant...

Leptinella ‘Tiny Tim’ 2.25" pot
This little creeper looks like a fern but its actually not. Medium green leaves with deep lacey cuts grace the thin stems to form low mats of foliage on...

Portulacaria media picta rosea
Portulacaria media rosea picta - 2.25" pot
  • Very small succulent with triangular shaped leaves on thick sectioned branches. Because this is a succulent it produces a very small root system and a seemingly large trunk.

Ledbouria 'zebra' 2.25" pot
Product Overview: Common Name: Zebra Squill Watering Requirements: Dry Light Requirements: Sun Available in: 2.25" Pots Product Details: Short...

Peperomia prostrata (String of Turtles) 2.25" pots
This creeping peperomia has many common names, it has the most interesting foliage patterns on translucent leaves arranged on thin wire stems. Requires low...

Ficus pumila 'curly' 2.25" pot
Product Overview: Common Name: Curly Creeping Fig Watering Requirements: Dry Light Requirements: Low Light Product Detail; The stems are thin brown...

Sedum 'Finegold' 2.25" pot
This small sedum variety has bright yellow foliage, and creeps close to the ground if grown in a sunny place. It does not seem to be winter hardy in our...

Nephrolopis 'Mini Russell" 2.25" pot
Smallest version of the standard Boston Fern we've found. Medium green leaves about 4" in length can be kept to 3", produces underground runners as other...

Portulacaria afra variegata - 2.25 inch pot
Plant pictured grown in a 5" bonsai pot Product Overview: Common Name: Vareigated Baby Jade Watering Requirements: Dry Light Requirements: Sun...

Carmona microphylla 2.5" pot
Plant shown grown in 3.5" pot This Small leaved Fukien Tea grows more slowly than the larger leaf, but berries more regularly. Flowering most of the year...

Serissa 'Pink Mountain' - 2.25" pot
The plant shown in picture grown in 2.25" pot This Serissa has a growth habit similar to Kyoto, however the foliage is variegated, and the flower is...